Suspicion has intensified on the death of actor Sreenath after an official in a hotel where he died told police that two people from the film industry had visited the actor in his room just before his death. General manager Joy also said Sreenath was found lying on the floor bleeding sometime after they left.

With the arrest of Malayalam actor Dileep in connection with the attack on his fellow actress, skeletons have started tumbling out of the closets, it seems. The controversy over the demand that Dileep’s role should be investigated in the death of actor Kalabhavan Mani is throwing off fumes. Now, the relatives of actor Sreenath, who was found dead in a hotel room at Kothamangalam in Ernakulam in 2010, also have demanded a reprobe to clear the doubts over his death.

Sreenath death

Satyanath, brother of the deceased actor told Manaorama News that he suspected it to be nothing but a murder. He said he would file a complaint with chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan seeking a reprobe to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of his brother. The news that the case files on Sreenath’s death were missing from Kothamangalam police station, further thickens the suspicions surrounding the death, he added.

Sreenath, who had a meteoric rise in Malayalam film as a lead actor in the late 70s, was found dead in a hotel room at Kothamangalam on 23 April 2010. His wrist was slashed. There were bruises and injuries in his body. But the police wrapped up the investigation and stated that it was a mere case of suicide. The police had not handed over any report to the family confirming it as a suicide, Satyanath alleged. The widow of Sreenath will soon submit complaints to the chief minister and the state police chief demanding a reinvestigation.

Sreenath died during the shooting of film ‘Shikar,’ directed by Padmakumar. Yet, none of the film crew accompanied the dead body. Nor did any one related to the film participated in the funeral. The actor’s mobile phone was missing, Satyanath said.

Late actor Thilakan, who was at loggerheads with Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) had cried foul over Sreenath’s death. There were quibbles at the shooting location over allowing Sreenath, who was not a member of AMMA, to act in the film, Thilakan had told us, Satyanath revealed.

The actor’s relatives now smell something foul over the hasty denial of actor Innocent, president of AMMA, that the death of Sreenath had nothing to do with film industry. How could Innocent dismiss any such connection within hours after the death, Satyanath quips.

Sreenath had no financial or physical problems and there were no apparent reasons to believe that he would kill self, he stated.

Just a day after his funeral, Sreenath’s relatives had expressed doubts over the death and demanded a thorough investigation. But the police dismissed it as case of suicide.

Sreenath was in his late 50s when he passed away and was eyeing a re-entry into the silver screen, after a hiatus of nearly two decades. He entered Mollywood with a super hit movie ‘Shalini Ente Koottukari’ in 1978 and went on to hog the limelight for quite some time. His marriage with his co-actor Shanthikrishna, however eventually ended up in a divorce. His career took a dip and he almost disappeared from films in the early 90s only to make re-entry through television serials years after.


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